Multi-language company web site

Beauty and personal care – Web sites, Business analysis, Communication consulting

Company web site in Italian/English/Russian/Chinese/Arabic on personal care products, training and franchising.

Initial needs

Our Customer needed to substitute their company web site with a more modern one that could include every facets of their offering, so to correctly convey their business message. The web site had to be multi-language (in Italian, English, Russian, Chinese, Arabic) and, finally, be fully accessible from smartphone and tablet mobile devices.


Our team took on with Customer a pervasive analysis phase on their relevant market, their own business model and the communication targets they were aiming for. Once customer desiderata have been absorbed, our team went on, through a series of iterations, working at content design and organization, layout customization, implementation of visitor and editor functionalities, content translation, and what else needed to realize desired web site. The team and partner shared a set of best practices on integrating the new web site in their overall company marketing and communication strategies.

Business results

Our Customer now has an elegant, light web site, that is semantically well structured and effectively conveying their business message. Thanks to coherence in its contents and to its integration with other communication channels, web site naturally emerged in search results and hundreds of potential customers visit it and appreciate it everyday.

Main employed technologies

HTML5, JavaScript, jQuery, CSS3, PHP, WordPress, Apache, MySQL.