Industrial product configuration

Industrial HVAC – Verticalizations, Web

Rich web application for product configuration and management, based on existing company software assets that are verticalized to be used effectively by desktops and tablets.

Initial needs

Our Customer needed to evolve their own product, created in Visual Basic 6 and working on separate Windows workstations, so that multiple users could use it via web and mobile. Furthermore, business circumstances did not allow them to wait for their own team reskilling.


Thanks to a careful task allocation and an fruitful collaboration, also remotely, our team was able to develop a client-server solution based on the existing Customer software core, so that its main kernel could be completely reused and at the same time enhanced with new functionalities.

Business results

Hundreds of agents spread all over Europe currently use the final product via web and tablet. Our Customer now has an advanced, leading asset in their industry, they achieved their business objectives and their team is able to independently operate on released codebase.

Main employed technologies

HTML5, JavaScript, AngularJS, jQuery, CSS3, Bootstrap, REST, JSON, JWT, C#, ASP.NET MVC, ASP.NET Web API, Entity Framework, AutoFac, AutoMapper, IIS, MS SQL.