Open source collaborations

Contributions to open source projects

BrainCrumbz is a committed supporter of open source philosophy and is very happy to return, even if just a little, of the effort that communities put into their projects, sacrifying their time and sharing their expertise. Here are some of the open source projects that the team is proud of having contributed to:

  • NSpec – Test framework for Behavior Driven Development in .NET
  • NSpecTestAdapter – Microsoft Visual Studio plugin to run NSpec tests
  • Loggr .NET – .NET library for communicating with the Loggr cloud service API
  • Humanizer – .NET library to display dates, numbers, quantities in human-friendly language
  • Font-Awesome-WPF – WPF controls to use Font Awesome web toolkit
  • Omniscient – JavaScript library based on Facebook React framework
  • Thunderbird Conversations – Plugin for Mozilla Thunderbird email client
  • TrelloCalendar – Calendar for Trello collaboration platform
  • Piwik – Leading open source web analytics platform
  • SearchReplaceDB – Advanced tool for WordPress site DB migration