Microsoft Dynamics-based web dashboard

Oil logistics, facilities and services – Development, Web

Single Page Application web modules to visualise, analyse and export data from Microsoft Dynamics.

Initial needs

Our Customer needed to provide their custom web ERP solution with a set of modules that could visualise, analyse and export data extracted from Microsoft Dynamics by means of interactive tables and diagrams.


After an initial study on existing software general architetcure and analysing requirements needed for new modules, our team has been able to create a software completely embedded in Customer solution and to put a set of best practices in place for future autonomous development by Customer team.

Business results

Our Customer responded quickly and flawlessly to most urgent needs from their most important Client, by successfully deploying the new version of their software. Users of such new ERP are now able to query the database by setting up filters and groupings and to see their search results instantly updated in tables and charts.

Main employed technologies

HTML5, JavaScript, AngularJS, CSS3, REST, JSON, JWT, Node.js, Express.js, MySQL.